Remembering Tom Searle

A year from yesterday, the music world lost an incredible sound innovator and influence in metalcore.  On August 20, 2016, Tom Searle lost his life after a three-year long battle with cancer, leaving behind a remarkable legacy as co-founder and guitarist of Architects (U.K).  Tom’s brilliance was fully personified through his music, having written guitar riffs that make absolute chaos sound like a masterpiece.  The list goes on.  From his early work on songs like Follow The Water (2009), through fan favorite Alpha Omega (2013), up until A Match Made In Heaven (2016), it seemed as if it was impossible for Tom to produce work anything less than riveting.  Tom’s impact has been voiced by many working in the genre, recently being honored by Australian metalcore group, Northlane, in the last song of their record Mesmer that released last March.  Northlane’s rhythm guitarist Josh Smith took to Twitter to explain the tribute, writing, “About a week after Tom Searle passed @jondeiley called me a told me we had to write a tribute song for him. I wanted to as well ” (next tweet) “It was an extremely hard thing to do because we wanted it to live up to his stellar talent for songwriting “.  For the naturally skeptical listener, such as myself, a main characteristic that wins over the personal love and respect for an artist’s work is originality.  How is this Tom searle kerrangindividual pushing the boundaries of his genre?  Does he strike that ‘Wow, I wish I would have thought of that’ factor?  Is he doing more with less?  These are the questions that can define an artist’s life of work.  Tom composed choruses that flowed perfectly with the vocal style of his frontman, rendered a variety of tapping fashions that were unique to Architect’s signature sound, and created a style that could easily be recognized as his own.  The impact he had on his community was clear.  In the photos on the right, Kerrang! Magazine quotes other musicians in which they touch on the impact Tom had on their lives.  Tribute videos from fans flood Tom’s name search on YouTube, and numerous bands around the world have dedicated time out of their shows to recognize the impact he had on their tom searle kerrang 2lives.  The 2017 Brit Awards commemorated the significant loss, featuring his name next to legends like David Bowie and Prince in their remembrance video.  This is perhaps one of the greatest testaments to Tom’s contribution to music as a whole, as it is rare for late musicians in metalcore to be recognized on this scale.  Though his absence has left a massive void within the group, Architects lives on to this day.  Having just wrapped up the remainder of the U.S – based All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us Tour in March, Architects continues to tour vigorously and are set to rock gigs at the Leeds and Reading Festivals (U.K) later this week.  Tom’s passing has been a colossal loss to music and the metal community, however his works of musical genius and flair will forever stick with his admirers.  Below are some of Tom’s finest stamps of individuality and prowess that can be heard through guitar composition.


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